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People are often interested in particular topics but don't know where they are discussed in a large commentary. This page offers a collection of links to help. Now, it has only a small portion of the topics. If you can't find the topic of your interest here, use a Bible concordance to find the verses that apply and go to them in your own Bible, then in this commentary. Or you can ask.
1260 days Also see notes page for Rev. 11:3; Rev. 12:6.
144,000  See "one hundred forty-four thousand, below.
Abraham, call of; faith of.
Alcohol, see on Prov. 20:1 with links. Also Gen. 9:20-23.
Angel worship Rev. 22:8.
Animals, unclean. See on Lev. 11, Acts 10:25-32, and Mark 7:19.
Antichrist defined 1 John 2. Past.
Antichrist seen in several chapters.
Antiochus IV Epiphanies Thought to be the "little horn"
Apocrypha, Sections in some Bibles containing books not considered sacred.
Antipas of the early church.
Apostolic succession.
Armageddon, Rev. 16.
Anger, See Eph. 4:26; Ps. 37:8 Soft answer stops; and hundreds of other texts.
Atonement, described in symbols in the Sanctuary system.
Atonement, peace with God through; Day of Atonement: Lev. 16.
Away from the body. 2 Cor. 5.
Babylon in prophecy (not Iraq)
Baptism of believers. One baptism Eph.4:5.
Baptism for the dead, a pagan practice.
Beast of Revelation Read from beginning of ch. 13.
Bible, reliability of, Evidence. Interprets itself. 2 Tim. 3.
Bible, sensational ideas distort truth of.
Bible study course Discover (Internet) with teacher interaction as appropriate.
Bible study, 27 interesting on-line lessons make the Bible come alive.
Bible study principles How to learn from the Bible itself.
Bible. See also "Scripture."
Bible translations (KJV and others)
Books of names such as the book of life
Born again John 3, Jesus and Nicodemus.
Bottomless pit (abyss).
Branch, representing the Messiah.
Cain killed his brother.
Canons collections of OT and NT books
Catholic Church, claims of.
Census ordered by the Lord in wilderness.
Child born unto us, virgin birth. Luke 1, Isa.7:14; Luke 1:31.
Children, Jesus' love for.
Children, keepers of. 2 Kings 10:5.
Children, prayer for adult, Isa. 49:25. Also see on Marriage ... New Earth.
Children, raising, to live in heaven. Also 2 Ph. 2:15.
Children, some do not remain faithful.
Christ, anointing of, several times.
Christ, birth of, Luke 2.
Christ, death of, See the final chapters of Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John.
Christ, death of, in the perspective of the whole Bible.
Christ, death of, Why necessary? See on Mark 15:30-32 and John 5:19.
Christ, fiction detracts from the reality of.
Christ, return of, See Second coming.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or Mormon religion,
China, Isa. 49
Church, choice of, for fellowship.
Clean and unclean animals. Also see "food" below.
Concubines, 2 Samuel 2:5 bottom of page.
Commitment, Elijah.
Competition / sports
Coptic church.
Covenants, old and new. Or better, A comprehensive view.
Crusades for the "holy land"
Dagon Philistine god.
David, adultery of, with Bathsheba, 2 Sam. 11.
David, and the giant, Goliath, 1 Sam. 18.
David, tabernacle of. Amos 9 and note.
Day as a thousand years.
Day, symbolic meaning of, as a literal year
Day of worship. Also see "Sabbath"
Death and life. Also see "Grief" and "Infant of days."
Death, desire for, is not wrong. Job 36:20.
Depression, see on "suicide" (Job 6:9) and a book by Dr. Nedley.
Diet. See "food." and Philippians 3:19.
Disciples listed: Matt:10-1-4; Mark 3:16-19; Luke 6:13-16; and Acts 1:13.
Dry bones, Ezek. 37.
Easter, origin of.
End times. See the same page for a prophetic description of terror and destruction
Elijah, begins 1 Kings 17.
Elijah taken to heaven and replaced by Elisha. 2 Kings 2.
Enoch, books of.
Entertainment, - video games, which links to Ph 4:8. Also see competition
Esau, hated by God? Explained.
Esther, story of. Also listed with other books of the Bible.
Eternal, see Everlasting.
Evil, See "Satan," "suffering."
Evil spirit, boy with.
Everlasting fire, but it comes to an end?
Exorcism (casting out demons)
Eyes of the Lord, seek perfect hearts, strong for them. 2ch16:9.
Ezekiel's temple (although we realize it was not his)
Faith and moving mountains. (Matt. 17:20).
Fat Usually fat of animal sacrifices. Metaphorically, see on Isa. 10:16.
Feeding 4,000.
Fig tree cursed.
Fire not extinguished (Mark 9), see on "worm."
Forgiveness, without conditions, See on Mt. 6:12; 1 Cor. 10:31.
Firmament. Also see Gen. 1:6-8.
First born.
Flood, Bible evidence of. Also see Noah.
Food and fasting. 1 Tim. 4:3.
Futurism, how it affects our understanding of the Bible
Games, electronic. Also see "competition/sports above and seeing Christ as fiction.
Gehenna, word translated "hell."
Gethsemane (prayer before trials of Jesus)
Gibeonites, pretended to be from a far country to escape Israelites. Joshua 9.
God is eternal. Ps. 90:2.
God is one.
God, name of, Hebrew words: Yahweh and Elohim.
God, people destroyed by; He sends fire.
God, throne of, saphire; His white throne.
Gog and Magog.
Grief, thoughts for coping.
Haggar, mother of Ishmael. Gen. 16.
Halloween. This apparently innocent entertainment is eventually satanic.
Hammurabi, Code of. Moses was not dependent on it.
Heart of the earth. Words of Jesus to His would-be captors.
Heaven, death in? Click "infant of days" below.
Heaven How to get there and why judgment (Deut. 30:15-20).
Hebrew language, vowels; (Masorites)
Heaven. What it's like.
Hell and the Bible texts; Hell and a loving God
Hezekiah, life and sun turned back - Isa. 38.
High places See on 1 Sam. 9:14.
Historical criticism. Passing judgment on the biblical text as on any secular book.
Human sacrifices condemned. See on Tophet - Isa. 30:33 and more.
Holy Spirit needed. It is more than a ceremony. Also see Acts 2
Homosexuality. See Lev. 20:13; Rom. 1:18-32
Infant of days (death in the new earth?)
Islam, contribution of.
Israel, gathering of.
Israel in the end times.
Jacob, deceives and flees, Gen. 27.
Jehovah's Witnesses, John 1b.
Jesuit doctrines, Counter Reformation.
Jews, prophecy fulfilled about. Rev. 7:4. Also, Jer. 1:10.
Jews God's people to be scattered to all the earth, Deut. 28:64.
Jews, world view of, in time of Christ.
Joash and Athaliah, 2 Kings 11.
Job, God allowed testing of, Job 2.
Judas, betrayal of Christ. Matt. 26, Full story.
Judgment, just before the coming of Christ. See on Heb. 9; Rev. 22:12-13, Eccl.22: 13, 14.
Korah rebellion against Moses (and God).
Lamb, slain for our sins: Isa. 53; John 1.29; Sin offerings ex2914, ex3010.
Latter rain.
Law before Sinai.
Law fulfilled in Christ?
Law nailed to the cross.
Law of civil government, Rom 13.
Law, under - See Under the law.
Law, ways to express.
Leprosy, rules for, Lev. 14.
Little horn as Antiochus IV, See Antiochus ...
Lord, love, with all heart. Deut. 6:5.
Lord's supper.
Love of God and destruction of people in the OT and when the city comes down.
Love, unconditional.
Major and minor prophets.
Males of animals, first of, to be consecrated, Deut 15:19.
Marriage and children in the New Earth.
Marriage, captive woman taken as wife Deut. 21:13.
Maranatha: From two Aramaic words, meaning "the Lord is coming."
Mary, Errors taught about her, Matt. 12:46, Luke 1 notes.
Masoretic text.
Millennium: overview, literary pattern including.
Miracles/signs/wonders, Jews asked for; Deceptive frogs, Satan uses.
Mohammed, See Islam.
Moses. See Exodus through Deuteronomy.
Music Comments on Psalm 150 and links to other passages.
Nazarite vow See Numbers 6.
Nephilim, Uncertain meaning.
New birth. See "Born again."
Noah, call of, because of wickedness.
North, sides of. The place of God's throne. See Isa. 14:13 and follow links.
Northern kingdom, (10 tribes) removed from God's face 2ki17:18.
Obedience, blessing or curses depend on. Deut 28. Also see Ten Commandments
Occult, books of magic used to practice, by Ephesians. (Acts 19:19).
Olive press, brought to a good land Deut. 8:5-9.
Once saved, always saved. See heading "salvation."
One hundred forty-four thousand - 144,000
Ox in the pit Luke 14
Pagan magic. See "Occult."
Pentecostal religion, see note with 1 Cor. 14.
Peter was not the rock of the church. Others shared the keys.
Passover, (1) in Egypt, (2) preparation for, with Jesus (Lord's Supper).
Peace, false (1) Jer. 8:11; (2) Dan. 8:25.
Predestination, God's arbitrary choice of our destiny. 2 Thess. 2:13.
Perfection Ready for the time of wrath.
Philistines Judges 13:1.
Phylacteries (small pouches with Scripture passages). Exod. 13:3-9, esp. v9.
Polygamy, Issue of having more than one wife or concubine.
Potter and the clay, Jeremiah 18.
Prayer in Jesus' life.
Prayer John 16:23f. Also see note with Ps. 141. And with Rev. 5. 2 Sam. 7:3.
Priests, uncleannes avoided by; clothing not to be torn, etc. Lev. 21.
Prodigal son.
Prophecy, principles for understanding 2 Peter 1.
Prophets, minor. See note at Hosea 1. Major prophets are those with longer books.
Rapture. Matt. 24, (one taken, one left), Or Rev. 1:7b (every eye).
Rebellion, development of.
Red Sea crossing, Ex. 14.
Remnant who keep commandments Rev. 12:17
Replacement theology. See a note at the bottom of the Gal. 3 page.
Rest, Jesus offers, with a light yoke. See mt1128 note.
Rest remains, Heb. 4.
Resurrection of Christ, sequence of events and reality.
Resurrection of humans, two classes, two events.
Revenge, Also see on "anger" above, and on Rom. 12:19, etc.
Rich man and Lazarus. Story often misunderstood.
Sabbath, burdens on. Jer. 17:19-end.
Sabbath, end of. Also links to texts on the topic
Sacrifices, morning and evening.
Salvation, more than forgiveness needed for. Also 1John 1.
Salvation, believed unchangeable after a saving experience. See context.
Salvation, judgment determines. See mt2212. Guests accepted by garment.
Salvation, meaning of perfection for.
Sanctuary, meaning of, lost.
Sanctuary, two-part system. Christ's ministry not complete at cross. Heb. 9:12.
Satan, why God permits him and evil.
Saul, Israel's wicked king, demanded by the people, 1 Sam. 8.
Saved, see "salvation" above.
Scattering, See under "Jews."
Scriptures/Bible, inspiration of; - Paul's writings "scripture." - 
Scriptures/Bible, original language words of, may vary (verbal inspiration).
Second coming of Christ, Rev. 1:4, Mark 13:28; John. 14:1-3.
Secret societies.
Self-denial, Matt. 7., Mark 8:34.
Self-worth, peace with God, golden rule. Also see Matt 22:34 and following.
Septuagint, or LXX, The translation of the Old Testament into Greek.
Sermon on the Mount.
Seven last plagues, chart.
Seventh year rest for the land.
Shekel value, 2 Kings 7:16.
Shekinah. Glory of light above the mercy seat in the tabernacle/temple.
Sides of the North, Ps. 48:2.
Signs, seeking.
Sin, atonement for. See atonement.
Sin, pardoned though as scarlet
Sin not needed for enjoyment of good.
Sin, no excuse for.
Sin, pardon for or unpardonable.
Sin, victory over.
Sinai, see on Red Sea.
Slavery. See the book/chapter Philemon
Solomon builds the temple, 2 Chron. 3-6. His reign, 1 Kings 4.
Soul, meaning of, often misunderstood.
Speech, talent of.
Speaking in tongues, 1 Cor, 14. Also notes for this topic (same page).
Speaking in tongues, as receiving the Spirit of God. 1 Kings 22:21-23 note.
Spies, men sent to learn about Canaan. Only 2 had a good report, Num. 13.
Spirit possession, See Evil spirit and Occult.
Spirits in prison, preaching to. See 1 Peter 3:18 and 1Peter 3, note.
Suicide, Job 6:8.
Suffering, why God permits. Also for Job. Job 33:19.
Sun stands still, Joshua 10.
Syriac Bible version (in Aramaic)
Tabernacle, setting up.- Ex. 40.
Tammuz, a pagan god. Ezek. 8 and follow links.
Tares (weeds), parable of Matt. 13.
Temple, cleansing of, first time, second time.
Temple, Ezekiel wrote about.
Temple, rebuilding error, Amos 9.
Temptation - Psalm 28, 1 Cor. 10:13.
Ten commandments - Ex. 20.
Three-part alliance, the end time rebellion of dragon, beast, and false prophet
Throne of God, sapphire.
Time of the end. See "end times" or look up texts with this phrase.
Tithe, support of the ministry.
Tongues speaking, see Speaking.
Tools of an oriental carpenter.
Tower of Babel. Gen. 11.
Transfiguration (glorification of Christ on mountain).
Translations, see above under Bible.
Tree of knowledge of good and evil - tree of life
Trials 1 Peter 4.
Tribes of Israel and the kings, a quick survey.
Tribulation and the church - Thess. 5 (see notes, too) And Matt. 24.
Trinity, the union of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is seen often. Ex: Isa 42:1.
Triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.
Truth, error taught as; Also John 7:17; John 17:17.
Unclean meat, see Animals, unclean.
Under the law, Rom. 3:19.
Universal salvation The idea that God will save essentially everyone
Unpardonable sin. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
Vengeance, see Anger.
Wars in the OT, not usually God's plan. See 2 Chron. 6:34; Ex. 23:28.
Wealth, rich young ruler (leader).
Wednesday crucifixion idea. See on Matt. 12:40 and links.
Wind, Jeremiah 22:22.
Wine, also see "alcohol" above.
Worm does not die and fire not quenched Mark 9:43, 44.
Worship See note with  Psalm 100.
Wrath See Anger
Wrath of God, preparation for time of.
Wicked destroyed by God. See "God, people destroyed by."
Wicked, warning.
Wilderness, camp of Israel in.
Wilderness, woman of Rev. flees to.
Wedding, water turned to wine.
Woman, See Eve.
Women talking in church (1 Cor 14).
Zoroastrianism Persian religion.
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