Isaiah 14, Notes

Why God permits evil

Why all the pain and agony?
   Someone wrote to me after seeing the website. With his permission, I'll quote part of his letter, then my response:
    "Why does the lord cause all this pain and agony like violent deaths and so forth and so on?  I had a person tell me this story once and it changed the way I look at certain issues of the Bible.  A person came in contact with the Lord and asked why he put things on earth to be harmful like AIDS, and why didn't He send anyone down to cure AIDS.  The lord replied 'I did, I sent three people down to earth to cure AIDS, but they all were ABORTED before they were born.'  Whether that story is truth or not, it never occurred to me that cures for certain things may be in people that have passed before their time; which would insinuate that our life is not planned out or written down.  I get confused with these situations and it helps to talk to people I feel are a bit closer to heaven than I am."

Dear JM...,
    Thank you for the opportunity to share my convictions on your question about why God permits evil.
    The story about sending people to cure AIDS is interesting but this is just not a true picture of God. It paints Him as ready to get revenge on the whole world for three abortions. That is the way Satan would like us to see God so we would hate Him. God pleads with us. "... As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?" (Ezek. 33:11). Please prayerfully read the verses.
    Death is finally separation from God who not only gives life but sustains it (Acts. 17:25). When people become hardened in sin to the point where they will not change, the Holy Spirit stops pleading with them. To continue would be harassment. We call this the unpardonable sin because the individual will not repent.
    The story of the kings of Israel is long but sends a strong message. It was not God's plan to have kings at all (1 Sam. 8). Even the best ones were not leading the people like God was through the Judges. It was not His plan that the Israelites should die in battle when taking Canaan. He would have sent hornets (Ex. 23:28). In fact it was not His plan that the Canaanites die either. A few were saved like Rahab and the Jebusites. They turned away from their pagan idolatry. He gave the pagans 300 years probation (Gen. 15:16). That was from the time they learned about the true God from Abraham until the time the children of Israel returned from Egypt. This all sounds discouraging, but we remember that in all times of wickedness there have been faithful people (Rom. 11:4) and there will be at the very end of time, too (Rev. 12;17).
    You probably remember the story of the war in heaven (See Rev. 12). Satan was thrown out. In the same chapter we see why. His character had become unfit for heaven. After being thrown out he wanted to kill baby Jesus and then hated the woman (which is first Mary, then symbolically, the church). We must ask the question: Why did God permit Satan to continue to tempt people? Instead of casting him out of heaven God could have vaporized him in an instant. But God is not only love, He is making sure that sin in the universe will not arise a second time (Obadiah 16). By letting Satan show his evil character, the righteous will understand the poison of sin and will never again return to it. By killing Satan before all this is clear, some would doubt thinking maybe God was unfair and that, if given the chance, Satan might have changed and become true and loving.
    I believe we are headed into the very final days or years before the return of Jesus. In heaven God permitted Satan to develop his character enough so that the angels could make an intelligent choice. I believe their decision was confirmed at the time of the cross. But humans have not seen it all and not all are convinced that following the evil ways of Satan will lead to eternal death. During the "time of trouble" (Dan. 12:1), God will permit Satan full freedom to run things his way. This earth will become total chaos and anarchy (2 Tim. 3:13). Then the wicked will stay wicked and the righteous will stay righteous (Rev. 22:11).
    At the end of the thousand years Satan and the wicked will be destroyed. (Rev. 20:15).
    I've sketched God's plan for eternal happiness in a few words. I have a book I could send you which makes this clear. It traces the history of the church and projects into the future.

May God be your strength and His Spirit your light,

   If you would like a free copy of the book, let me know. Click "contact" below and send me a note.

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