From Egypt to the Sanctuary
Egyptian bondage Songs of Moses and Miriam; Marah Attire for priests
Birth and sin of Moses Manna and the Sabbath Preparation of priests to minister
Moses called at burning bush Water from the rock; Amalekites Altar of incense; ransom; laver
Reluctance; I AM; Aaron Jethro teaches administration Skilled workers; Sabbath; stones
Encounter with Pharaoh Covenant; people prepared for law The golden calf, apostasy
Deliverance promised; Aaron Ten commandments spoken God's glory
M&A confront Ph; first plague Laws: servants, violence, animals New tables; covenant; M's face
Second plague; frogs Property and moral laws Tabernacle offerings; craftsmen
Plagues 5to7 cattle, boils, hail Animals, land rest; feasts; angel Bezaleel; generosity; building
Hardened; locusts; darkness Covenant; on mountain with God Furniture for inside tabernacle
Death of firstborn announced Make sanctuary, ark, table, lamp  Furniture for the court
Passover; exit from Egypt Make tabernacle, curtains, walls... Garments, brestplate, finished
Firstborn consecrated Altar; court; lampstand care Tabernacle set up; glory
Crossing Red Sea        
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Ruins of a large fortification were discovered in the 1990s at Ramesses on the south bank of the Pelusiac branch of the Nile River. It was active during the 18th Dynasty, ca. 1550-1300 BC. This would have been the location of the early chapters of Exodus. The river is seen in the lower part of the drawing. It is by Gene Fackler and copyrighted, 2002, by Associates for Biblical Research, PO Box 356, Landisville PA 17538. (800) 430-0008, http://www.Biblearchaeology.org. They publish an interesting magazine.