God's message before the captivity
Book Outline
Jeremiah's call 1:1-19
Prophecies about Judah and Jerusalem 2:2 to 35:19
Bibliographical and Historical Narratives 36:1 to 45:5
Prophecies about other nations 46:1 to 51:64
Appendix, Jerusalem captured 52:1-34
Call of Jeremiah Potter's house; warning rejected Obedient Rechabites
Case against Israel People to be broken like vessel Scroll read in temple; king destroys
Repentance needed Jeremiah in prison; unpopular Zedekiah's hope; Jer. imprisoned
Invasion; repent; desolation Jerusalem doomed; choose life Jeremiah in prison; advises king
False pr., deceit, people like it Plea to obey and save people Jerusalem falls; Jeremiah freed
Disaster; no one listens Righteous branch; false prophets Gedaliah; death threat
Lying words; evil religion Two baskets of figs Insurrection, Gedaliah killed
Bones, no repentance Warnings ignored; wrath Escape to Egypt forbidden
Sorrow, punishment (empty) Jeremiah escapes death Jeremiah taken to Egypt
Idols; Creator; Captors of Judah Judah & nations to accept Babylon The fertility goddess
Broken covenant Falsehood of Hananiah Baruch assured
Why do wicked prosper? Appeal to the captives Egypt condemned by the Lord
Linen sash; pride & captivity Jacob's trouble; Restoration Judgment on Philistia
Famine, sword, pestilence Remnant of Israel saved; mercy Judgment on Moab
The Lord is serious Jeremiah buys a field; assurance Judgment on Ammon, Edom & ...
Lifestyle shows end of Jews Restoration if people would return Leave Babylon 51 Bab. destroyed
Sin, punishment, Sabbath Zedekiah warned; slave treatment Jerusalem destroyed
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