Rebellion of Israel and Judah pictured in the experience of Hosea
 1  Hosea instructed to take a prostitute for a wife; she had children
 2  Charges against her; no mercy for her children; mercy for God's people
 3  Israel will return to God; picture of redemption and final salvation
 4  Charge against Israel; idolatry
 5  Judgment coming on both kingdoms
 6  Repent but transgression; wicked priests
 7  The Lord would have healed; but Ephraim was uncovered; fraud; theft
 8  Enemy will pursue; sow the wind; reap the whirlwind 
 9  Do not rejoice; played the harlot against God; no more feast
10  Fruit of wicked Israel; Sow righteousness and receive mercy
11  God loved Israel as a child; Ephraim rebelled
12  God's charge against Judah and Jacob
13  I am the only salvation but they forgot; I will be like a lion
14  Return O Israel; I will heal; let the wise understand
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