Hosea 3
In chapter 1, the conflict was between Hosea and his unfaithful wife
In chapter 2, it is interpreted to show God and his unfaithful people
Here in chapter 3, we find the conflict between Christ and Satan
.1 ¶ Then said the LORD unto me, Go yet, love a woman beloved of her friend, yet an adulteress, according to the love of the LORD toward the children of Israel, who look to other gods, and love flagons of wine.
 2  So I bought her to me for fifteen pieces of silver, and for an homer of barley, and an half homer of barley:
 3  And I said unto her, Thou shalt abide for me many days; thou shalt not play the harlot, and thou shalt not be for another man: so will I also be for thee.
  1 - According to the love Redemption to full status.
  1 - Children [sons] of Israel A symbol for all of God's true people.
  1 - Flagons of wine or "raisin cakes." Physical gratification loved more than God.
  2 - We were redeemed by the blood of Calvary.
  3 - Not me ... for another Not for another man. God has redeemed us from Satan.
.4  For the children of Israel shall abide many days without a king, and without a prince, and without a sacrifice, and without an image, and without an ephod, and without teraphim:
5  Afterward shall the children of Israel return, and seek the LORD their God, and David their king; and shall fear the LORD and his goodness in the latter days.
  4 - Without a king Redemption to God's plan in heaven will have to wait. Then the promise of Christ taking David's throne will be fulfilled.
  5 - Return of Israel This is not literal Israel any more than David will literally be king. je3009. David is a symbol or type of Christ ps110.
  5 - Goodness Or His righteousness.
  5 - Latter days The picture is of the final remnant re1217.
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