The book of Daniel is very important. Here God shows us how to interpret the symbolic language He has inspired in much of the Scripture. In chapters 2 and 8, we are shown the king's dream and then the symbols are explained. Some feel that we really don't know what the symbols mean except in very general terms. Others take them to be allegorical and open to any kind of lesson they wish to draw. By carefully reading Daniel, we find that neither is God's intention. This does not mean that it is wrong to draw on a situation in a prophetic book for a special lesson without claiming that this was the author's original intention in writing. We discuss the reliability of this book more in connection with chapter 5 da0500.
  Better lifestyle, better worship
  The metallic image, an outline of the future
  The image the king set up
  Nebuchadnezzar's insanity and testimony
  Belshazzar's party at the fall of the nation
  The lions
  Four beasts and judgment
  Horn power against prince, stars. host, and sanctuary
  Daniel's prayer; 70 weeks probation for his people
  The long days experienced
  Conflict between kings, a detailed prediction, to v35
11b   End time events with historical representatives
  Time of trouble, time of the end, and time periods
  End times in perspective, a letter
  Chart of prophecy parallels in the whole book
  Chart comaparing appearances of the evil (horn) power
  Chart showing the literary structure of chapters 10-12
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