Literary Structure of Daniel 10 to 12
To understand chiastic literary structure click. The indents indicated by the green boxes show the corresponding blocks of text. For example, the four boxes at 8b, 9 show that this block of text matches 7b-9 (in chapter 12). To compare the corresponding lines use your up and down arrow keys. Where the indent level stays the same for two consecutive blocks like 5, 6 and 7, 8a, the matching blocks (12:10a and 10b) are in a 1-2, 1-2 order instead of 1-2, 2-1.
10:1  The message was about a long time and/or conflict.  Daniel understood it
2-5  Daniel waited for 3 weeks mourning until he saw the Man in linen
5, 6  The Man in linen; Messiah
7, 8a  Daniel alone saw the vision; others fled
8b, 9  No strength; heard words; face to ground (Medieval darkness when Daniel's book was silent)
10  Trembling on hands and knees (Protestant Reformation at work)
11-13  Told to stand to understand; 21 days contending with prince of Persia; help from Michael
14, 15  Angel (Gabriel) came to give understanding; vision for days yet; Daniel speechless, face down
16-18  Touched, mouth opened, no strength; touched again, strengthened
19a  Peace granted
19b  Daniel ready for Gabriel to speak
20a Why the angel came (to bring understanding)
21  Michael supports Gabriel against the evil princes
11:1  Gabriel stood to help king Darius
2a  Gabriel will tell the truth
2b  Kings arise, rich one stirs up all against Greece
3a,b  Mighty king arises, rules with great dominion (Greece)
3c  Mighty king does according to his will (not God's)
4-13  Kingdom uprooted; Seleucid and Ptolmaic kings (darkness between Testaments; strife)
14  Breakers fulfill vision until they fall (at time of the end)
15  King of North takes fortified city (Antiochus IV, 1st campaign against Egypt; or fall of Jerusalem?
16  Imperial Rome does according to his own will; destruction in his power
17-19  Julius Caesar; 20 Augustus; 21-22a Tiberius
22b  Prince of the Covenant broken
23, 24 Julius Caesar; 25, 26 Augustus; 27 Tiberius (or church-state union until time of end)
28  King returns to land (away from God)
29-30  King against covenant, ships of Kittim against him (King at time of end; or Antiochus IV, again)
31-34a  Arms called to replace daily, saints teach, fall by sword and act (obey God)
34b, 35  Intrigue (false Protestants), understanding ones fall, refined, made white until time of the end
36-39  King follows own will; self above every god and desire of women; blasphemy (acts toward God)
40a  Time of the end, king of South (atheism/deism) attacks king of North (Papacy) (corresponds to 2b)
40b-43  King of North then overruns many countries, treasures controlled
44, 45a  King troubled by news (loud cry), sets up tabernacle
45b  King comes to his end without help
12:1  Michael stands; time of trouble such as never was
1c, 2  Deliverance of ones written in book, special resurrection  (corresponds to 10:19a)
3b  Those who teach righteousness to shine
3a Wise ones shine
4  Words and book sealed until time of end; knowledge increased, running to and fro
5, 6  Daniel looked; heard question: how long?  (corresponds to 10:10)
7  Man in linen said it would be after 3½ times and shattering of holy people
7b-9  Power of holy people shattered; Daniel heard but did not understand, words sealed
10a  Many purified, made white, refined (by the Messiah)
10b  These understand; wicked do not understand
11, 12  1290 days (until time of the end), Blessing for one who waits to the end of the 1335 days
13  Daniel (without understanding), but he would arise at the end of the days
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