Prophecy Parallels in the Book of Daniel
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11 - 12:3
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Image of world kingdoms Beasts and horn Son of Man
Ram, goat, horn, sanct.
70 weeks Vision of experience Kings of South & North Ending - Book Sealed
32, 38 Babylon head of gold 4 Lion
23, 39 breast and arms, silver 5 Bear 3, 4 ram 3, 4 ram Media-Persia 24 seventy weeks cut off 1, 2 Persia stirs Greece
32a, 39 Belly bronze 6a Leopard 5-8 Goat tramples ram 21 goat is Greece 3 mighty king
32b Thighs bronze 6b with four heads and four wings 8b Four horns 22 four kingdoms 4ff kingdom to four winds, kings of South & North
33, Legs iron. 40 legs crushing 7 Mean different beast, iron teeth, 10 horns 23 beast crushes earth 23 trans- gressors full 26 Messiah Prince cut off 5, 6 Vision mareh of Messiah 22b Prince of covenant broken
33,41-43 feet and toes of iron and clay 8a little horn arises uprooting three horns 24 subdues three kings 11 place of daily's sanct. removed  24c king corrupts the mighty
8b eyes like a man, boastful words 11 daily exalted 27 one who makes des. 31 daily repl. by abom. of Des 11 daily replaced
21 horn, war against saints  25 horn ag. saints, 3½ times, ag. law 1 0 horn ag. host & prince of host 24c corrupts holy people 8, 9 Dan. alone, sleeps fact to ground 33, 36 faithful fall for days, blasphemy 7 end after 3½, shatter; 10 made pure
34a, 44 God's kingdom set up in days of these kings 9, 10 Thrones set, books opened. 13 Son of Man; cloud brings near before Father 14a 2300 days [until preadvent judgment] 26b Seal up vision chazon of many days 14, 15 Understands vision chazon apparent delay; face down again 40, 45a Time of end; palace betw. sea and holy mountain 4 Seal book until time of end.
11 Beast burned  14 He is given everlasting dominion 14b Sanctuary cleansing completed 18-21 Strength-ened, then peace [results of preadvent judgment] 12:1, 2 Michael stands, deliverance, many awaken
34b, 45 Stone strikes image;  [The 1000 yr. judgment begins] 22a Judg-ment given to saints
35a Wind, powder from image vanishes [During the 1000 years] 26 Court takes away horn's dominion 27b Consumation poured out on desolator
35b Stone becomes mountain and fills the earth [The 1000 yr. judgment ends] 22b Time comes for saints to possess kingdom 27 Kingdom given to the saints 12:3 Workers for righteousness like stars forever.