Parallel Descriptions of the Apostate Religion
 The book of Daniel repeatedly describes a false religious power.  Here are parallel descriptions of its main characteristics with a comparison of its appearance in Revelation.
The different horn
Dan. 7
The horn that became great
Dan. 8, part 1
The king who follows pagans
Dan. 8, part 2
The king against the covenant
Dan. 11
The leopard-like beast
Rev. 13
Rise and political 
8 Uproots three of beast's horns - three kings 9 Grows exceedingly great; casts down stars; army given to oppose the "daily" 23 King w/ sinister schemes follows transgressors; destroys mighty 31 forces from him defile the strength of the miqdash (pagan sanctuary); daily removed 1301f beast rises from the sea like leopard, bear, and lion (beasts from Dan. 7)
Defiance of Heaven 25 Speaks words [commands] against the Most High 11a Exalts himself even to the prince of the host 25b Magnifies himself; rises against the Prince of Princes. 36 blasphemes the God of gods 1305 beast given mouth speaking blasphemy
of saints
25 Wears out the holy ones for 3½ times (= 1260 days = 42 mo.) 10 Casts down some of the host and trampled them 24 Destroys the holy people 33 understanding ones fall by sword . . . for days 1307 beast makes war with the saints for 42 mo.
Promotion of paganism 25 Attempts to change times and law 11b Daily [continuation] exalted 25a Causes deceit to succeed 39 advances glory of foreign god 1302 beast receives seat and authority from dragon
Fall 26 Court takes away his dominion 13f Sanctuary cleansed 25c Broken without hand 45 ends without help (when Michael stands) 1920 beast captured and cast into lake of fire
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