1st Chronicles
 1 Chronology: Seth-Abr.; k. Edom 11 David made king; city & men of D. 21 Census, against God's plan
 2 Family of Israel 12 Army expanded; Army at Hebron 22 David prepares for the temple
 3 Family of David, Solomon, et al 13 Ark moved from Kirjath Jearim 23 Levite families
 4 Family of Judah 14 David in Jerusalem; Philist. defeat. 24 Priest families
 5 Families: Reuben, Gad, Manass. 15 Ark taken to Jerusalem 25 Musicians
 6 Family of Levi; musicians; Aaron 16 Ark in tabernacle; D's song; worship 26 Gatekeepers; Levites, et al
 7 Family of Issachar 17 Covenant with David 27 Military and civil leaders
 8 Fam. of Benjamin, Ephriam et al 18 More conquests; administration 28 Solomon to build temple
 9 Israel recorded; those in Jerusalem 19 Messengers embarrassed; war 29 Offering; praise; Solomon k
10 Death of Saul and sons 20 Rabbah taken; giants - -
2nd Chronicles
 1 Solomon granted wisdom 13 Abijah king, Judah against Jerebo. 25 Amaziah partly good
 2 Preparation to build temple 14 Asa King of Judah did right 26 Uzziah, punished by leprosy
 3 Temple built 15 Reform of Asa 27 Jotham, good king
 4 Articles to furnish temple 16 Asa rejects prophet and the Lord 28 Ahaz, as bad kings of Israel
 5 Ark brought to temple 17 Jehoshaphat is faithful 29 Hezekiah purifies temple
 6 Blessing; dedication prayer 18 J. helps Ahab who dies in battle 30 Passover celebrated by Hezekiah
 7 Dedication; Lord appears 19 J. reproved; appoints judges 31 Contributions for priests
 8 Slaves; married daughter of Ph. 20 Lord fights battle & J. apostatizes 32 Threat to Jerus. of Sennacherib
 9 Queen of Sheba, death of Sol. 21 Jehoram king Judah; kills bros. 33 Manesseh did evil, and repented
10 Israel rebels against Rehoboam 22 Ahaziah wicked; Athaliah & Joash 34 Josiah; reformation; book of law
11 Defenses of Judah, priests come 23 Joash installed by priest Jeohiada 35 Passover celebrated; death
12 Jerusalem attacked 24 Joash repairs temple; turns evil 36 Final kings, Jerusalem dest; Cyrus

The books of Chronicles are or were one book in the Hebrew texts. Scholars say they were composed or completed in the late 5th century BC. They deal mostly with the kingdom of Judah.
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