Laws of purification, cleansing
 Arrangement of the tent city
 Water from rock; leaders sin; Edom refuses
 Levites, listed and located
 Bronze serpent; journey and conquest
 Branches of Levites and their work
 Balaam called to curse Israel; Donkey talks
 Rules for camp health and behavior
 Balaam's first oracle
 Choosing to be a Nazirite
 Balaam continues to bless Israel
 Offerings at the tabernacle dedication
 Israel seduced by Moab; many die
 Lamps set up; Levites dedicated
 Second census
 Passover and the cloud
 Zelopheahad's daughters; Joshua to lead
 Trumpets; leaving Sinai
 Periodic offerings; Passover; Feast of Weeks
 Quail sent although the Lord displeased
 Feast of Trumpets; Day of Atonement
 Rebellion of Miriam and Aaron  Rules for vows
 Men sent to examine the land  Midianites punished
 Rebellion; fear to enter  Tribes of Reuben and Gad, their inheritance
 Offerings for after entering the land  Camp locations, Egypt to Canaan, divide the land
 Korah, Dathan, and Abiram - rebellion  Boundaries set for Israel
 Aaron's staff budded  Cities of refuge; towns for the Levites
 Duties and offerings for priests & Levites   Inheritance of Zelopheehad's daughters
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