This fifth book from the pen of Moses completes what we call the Pentateuch. The word means "Second Legislation" (after the first the law given at Sinai).
 History of refusal to enter Canaan  Priests, Levites, Abominations; One like Moses
 Leaving the desert; land of Edom; Amorites  Cities of refuge; witnesses
 Basham; land divided; Moses not to enter  Going to war
 Obedience, not idolatry; law introduced  Murder; marriage of captives; rebellious son
 Commandments stated again  Marriage violations, good neighbors, animals
  Be faithful  Keep separate from the wicked
 Driving out the nations; accountability  Divorce; loans; dealing with the poor
 Remember the Lord when all is well  Going to court; kindness to animals; honest weights
 History of rebellion  Firstfruits; tithes; obedience
 The second set of tablets; the ark; fear God  Altar for Mt. Ebal; curses for idolatry, adultery, etc.
 Love and obey; false worship  Blessings and curses
 One place of worship; do not ask about gods  Importance and terms of the covenant
 Death for those who turn to idolatry  Summary; call to choose life
 Clean meat; tithe  Joshua new leader; law to be read; rebellion predicted
 Debts; the poor; slaves; firstborn animals  Final song of Moses
 Feasts of Passover and unleavened...  Final blessing of Moses
 Other gods; Levites judge; kings follow law  Moses dies on Mt. Nebo
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