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The test of faith
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In the beginning; or notes page Abraham pleads for Sodom Jacob moves; Rachel & Isaac die
Before sin; or notes Sodom; dialogue & destruction Family of Esau; Edom
Sin enters; or notes Abraham and Abimelech Joseph's dreams and slavery
Cain kills Abel Ishmael sent away Judah, marriage problems
Genealogy - Enoch Abraham to sacrifice Isaac Joseph accused; goes to prison
Flood, limit of grace; chiasm Sarah's death; land purchase Dreams of prisoners
Ark entered; flood; death Rebecca, wife for Isaac Pharaoh's dream
Noah exits; creation-covenant Keturah; death of Ab.; Esau To Egypt for grain; called spies
Multiply; N. drunk, uncovered Isaac, deception; Philistines Benjamin comes too
Descendants of Noah Jacob blessed, Esau angry Cup found; intercession
The tower Jacob flees; promise, Bethel Joseph tells who he is
Abram called (later Abraham) Jacob loves Rachel; gets Leah Jacob moves to Egypt
Arrival in Canaan; Lot's choice
Children; plan with Laban In Goshen, Famine survival
Lot rescued; Melchizedek Jacob flees and Laban follows Jacob and Joseph's sons
Covenant Jacob perseveres in trouble  Jacob's prophecy about sons
Two wives; Hagar and Ishmael Jacob meets Esau; Canaan Joseph dies
Sarai and Hagar; covenant Diana; brothers deceive and kill    
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