Genesis 11, Chiasm

Chiastic Pattern, Rebellion and Death
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An early demonstration of how peace and happiness are forfeited.
Chiasms show correspondence between items depending on how far they are from the center. Notice, for example that rebellion and being sent out of the garden are parallel to rebellion and being scattered by God. At the next level, are genealogies. Noah built ... matches a similar line below. You can figure out the rest. The center of a chiasm is often very important.
Rebellion, choosing Satan, ch. 3:6
Sent out of Garden of Eden, 3:22-24
Genealogy, 5 all
Noah built ark, 6:14-17
Covenant 6:18-21
Noah and family enter, 7:13
Animals enter, 7:8, 9; 14-16
Flood prevailed for 40 days, 7:17-20
All that moved on earth including people died, destroyed 7:21-23
Waters prevailed 150 days 7:24; receded 150 days 8:3
God remembered, wind, water stopped, ark rested 8:1-4
Ground dry; Noah and family to exit ark 8:13-16
Noah and animals exit ark 8:15-19; 9:18-end
Noah built altar, sacrifices offered 8:20
Covenant 8:21 - 9:17; [Sins of Ham and Noah 9:18-27].
Genealogy, ch. 10
Rebellion, tower of babel construction 11:1-4
Scattered by God 11:5-9
Story of the fall, Gen. 3
Tower of Babel, 11
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