1 Judah and others conqueror parts of Canaan 12 Jepthah's conflict with Ephriam
 2 Israel unfaithful; the Lord was displeased 13 Birth of Samson
 3 Canaanites not all gone; Good judge Othniel 14 Samson marries a Philistine
 4 Deborah, a prophetess helps Barak conquer 15 Samson defeats the Philistines
 5 Songs of Deborah and of Barak 16 Delilah decieves Samson, blind; pulls down temple
 6 Oppression by Midianites; Gideon 17 Idolatry of Micah; no standard of right and wrong
 7 Valiant three hundred 18 Danites adopted idolatry; no inheritance; took Laish
 8 Midianites subdued; Gideon's wickedness 19 Concubine of a Levite; Gibeah
 9 Conspiracy of Abimelech; parable of trees 20 War against the Benjamites
10 Two more judges; oppression 21 Wives for the Benjamites 
11 Jepthah's victory; his daughter as sacrifice    

After the death of Joshua, certain men were chosen for leadership These were "Judges."
See de1318. Many were divinely appointed.

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