Joshua 16
Borders for Joseph and Ephraim
Failure to complete the task
 1 ¶ And the lot of the children of Joseph fell from Jordan by Jericho, unto the water of Jericho on the east, to the wilderness that goeth up from Jericho throughout mount Bethel, 
 2 And goeth out from Bethel to Luz, and passeth along unto the borders of Archi to Ataroth,
 3 And goeth down westward to the coast of Japhleti, unto the coast of Bethhoron the nether, and to Gezer: and the goings out thereof are at the sea.
 4 So the children of Joseph, Manasseh and Ephraim, took their inheritance.
  1 - The lot ... fell The order of precedence of the tribes was followed in the allocation of land. See 1ch0502. Under Joshua the land was divided in three stages: (1) Judah settled in the strongholds of the South, (2) Ephriam and Manasseh in the enter plus some positions toward the North, and (3) The other tribes between Judah and Joseph (that is Ephriam and Manasseh) and in the border areas.
  1 - Fell from Jordan Literally "Went out from Jordan."
  2 - Bethel Where Joseph had his dream. The word means "house of God." ge2819, jos1813, jg0122f
  2 - Bethel to Luz See Jericho area map. Apparently the place, Bethel, was outside of Luz which was the Canaanite city that became Bethel.
  3 - Coast Means "edge."
.5 ¶ And the border of the children of Ephraim according to their families was thus: even the border of their inheritance on the east side was Atarothaddar, unto Bethhoron the upper;
 6 And the border went out toward the sea to Michmethah on the north side; and the border went about eastward unto Taanathshiloh, and passed by it on the east to Janohah;
 7 And it went down from Janohah to Ataroth, and to Naarath, and came to Jericho, and went out at Jordan.
 8 The border went out from Tappuah westward unto the river Kanah; and the goings out thereof were at the sea. This is the inheritance of the tribe of the children of Ephraim by their families.
 9 And the separate cities for the children of Ephraim were among the inheritance of the children of Manasseh, all the cities with their villages.
5 - Border of the children of Ephraim See on jos1702. See NW corner of Jerusalem area map for arrow to Bethhoron.

Road down to Jericho
.10 And they drave not out the Canaanites that dwelt in Gezer: but the Canaanites dwell among the Ephraimites unto this day, and serve under tribute.   10 - Drave not The people of Ephram are condemned for neglecting their responsibility. Instead they demanded tribute money. See what Pharaoh did later 1ki0916. The decision to let the people of Canaan stay was at a great spiritual cost ho0417.

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