I understand this book to have been written by Moses, probably while in Midian. His father-in-law was a priest of God and may have told him some of this. Such communication would not have prevented the overall guidance of the Holy Spirit.
The issue in the book of Job
    Scholars argue that the book is a vindication of the justice and goodness of God. Although these divine characteristics are seen in the story, its purpose may more directly demonstrate integrity. Job is blameless and upright at the beginning and, although discouraged, nothing is able to move him. He proclaimed, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him." (13:15). Satan was allowed to test Job and was unsuccessful. We know this but Job didn't. So the issue of the integrity of Job demonstrates the greater truth of the integrity of God Himself. As trials came to God's children through the ages, Satan's claims would be broken, case by case, as they prayed for the power to overcome through the merits of the slain lamb.
 1 Job, righteous but calamities 15 Eliphaz: Job you fear not God 29 Job: defense summary
 2 Satan permitted to test Job 16 Miserable comfort; cry to God 30 They mock me; You do not answer
 3 Why not death at birth?; no rest 17 Spirit broken; where is hope? 31 If I have walked in falsehood
 4 Eliphaz: Job has sinned 18 Bildad: Job wicked, punishment 32 Elihu is angry and ready to speak
 5 Accused of punishment by God 19 Faith in Redeemer 33 He addresses Job, mentions "soul"
 6 Job in misery; death coming 20 Zophar counters Job's confidence 34 Elihu tells friends Job is guilty
 7 Discouragement; desire to die 21 Job: wicked punished in future 35 Elihu: God doesn't hear to arrogance
 8 Bildad: Look to God if righteous 22 Eliphaz: submit to God 36 Elihu continues to speak for God
 9 Job: How mortal be righteous? 23 Job: I would appeal to God 37 God controls nature; do you know how?
10 You made me; do you care? 24 Longing for day of justice 38 God questions Job from the whirlwind
11 Zophar: Words unanswered 25 Bildad: How can one be righteous? 39 More questions
12 Job: I am mocked; God is wise 26 Job: Nature trembles before God 40 The Lord speaks to Job from the storm
13 Job says Be quiet; his prayer 27 Job: I will be faithful to God 41 The Lord: Can you control Leviathan?
14 Life, death, and judgment 28 Job: meditation, nature & wisdom 42 Job repents and is restored
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