1  Return from ways of fathers; horses; comfort; horns
 2  The measuring line; escape and joy of Zion
 3  New garments for the priest; the Branch
 4  Light: lampstand and olive trees
 5  Flying scroll and woman in a basket
 6  Four chariots; crown for the Branch
 7  Obedience; exiled for disobedience
 8  The Lord's return to Zion; remnant; peoples yet come
 9  Protection and redemption - tabernacle feasts
10  Judah and Israel restored
11  The Shepherds and the Broken Covenant
12  Deliverance for Judah; mourning for the pierced one
13  Idolatry ended; sheep scattered; refining
14  Faithful gathered, wicked as at end of 1000 yrs.
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This amazing book covers the three comings of Christ: (1) to the Jewish people, (2) for redemption of the righteous, and (3) at the end of the thousand years. Turning to the Lord so He can turn to us is a theme of the book. It is "... one of the most Messianic, eschatological, and apocalyptic  books of the OT" paralleling the scope of Daniel and Revelation. (Quotation from Philip G. Samaan, Portraits of the Messiah in Zechariah. Review & Herald, 1998.)