The Song of Solomon
The message of this book is different from what some may think. I have written a separate print commentary on it moving through the panorama of symbolism and revealing the intricate literary structure. It is partly here, too, revised.
 Approach to this book to assist your understanding
 1   Love of beloved, daughters, I am dark, angry brothers
 2   Among thorns but sustained, the beloved's voice, among rocks
 3   Search for the beloved, men with swords, crowned by his mother
 4   Seeing (understanding) the beloved; He recognizes her purity
 5   He goes to his garden; she expects him, is disappointed, mistreated
 6   He went to his garden, it matures, she an army with banners, Shulamite
 7   She is mature, calls for her beloved to come
 8   Not despised, comforted in trial, sealed, awaits her coming beloved
 L  Literary pattern
 T  Parallel time lines including the one for the Song of Solomon
 V  Thoughts on selected verses
 P  Prophetic time periods
 D  Daniel 10, Darkness and Understanding During the Christian Era
This view of the Tower of David from inside the wall of Jerusalem is probably similar to how it appeared to Solomon. This gives usideas for Song 4:4 and other images from Solomon's song.
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