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To reveal the divinity of of Jesus may be seen as the apostle's major purpose in this gospel account jn2030.
The Word; John the Baptist; Disciples 12 Feet anointed; Jerusalem entry, death coming
Wedding at Cana, Temple cleansed 13 Jesus washes feet; Peter will deny Him
Nicodemus - the new birth 14 Assurance that Jesus would return
The woman at the well 15 True vine; love; world's hatred; rejection
At the pool & Testimonies 16 Jesus was leaving but would send the Spirit
Feeding 5000, walking on water, rejection 17 The prayer of our Lord
Brothers; Jesus' wisdom; Spirit; rejection  18 Betrayal; Jesus before priest & Pilate; Peter
Adultery case; free in truth; before Abraham 19 The final hours of submission
Born blind; excommunication; spiritually blind 20 Visits to the tomb; Thomas doubts
10 Jesus, good shepherd; Attempt to stone 21 Jesus appears at the sea; Peter restored
11 Lazarus' death and resurrection 1-b   Jehovah's Witnesses, a special group.
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