Acts of the Holy Spirit Working Through the Apostles


 1 The Holy Spirit promised; Judas replaced 15 Circumcision; Jerusalem Council; Syria; Mark
 2 The Holy Spirit comes; preaching of Pentecost 16 Timothy joins; Macedonia; Lydia; prison; jailer converted
 3 Lame man healed; preaching to explain 17 At Thessalonica; Berea; Athens; unknown God
 4 Peter & John arrested; Jesus' name forbidden 18 At Corinth; turning to Gentiles; Antioch; Apollos
 5 Ananias & Sapphira die; apostles persecuted 19 At Ephesus; miracles, pagan worship; books on magic
 6 Seven leaders appointed; Stephen tried 20 In Greece; Troas; Miletus; Ephesian elders
 7 Stephen speaks and is stoned 21 Warning about trip to Jerusalem; arrested
 8 Saul persecutes; sorcerer; Ethiopian baptized 22 Paul's defense and witness; citizenship appeal
 9 Saul converted; Ananias; to Jerusalem; Dorcas 23 Before Sanhedrin; plot thwarted; to Felix
10 Peter and the Gentile, Cornelius 24 Before Felix: accusation, defense, spiritual appeal
11 Peter' defense; Barnabas & Saul; famine 25 Request to see Caesar; Agrippa
12 James killed; Peter freed; Herod dies 26 Paul's story: early life; conversion; Festus; Agrippa
13 Barnabas & Saul appointed; to Cyprus; Antioch 27 Voyage to Rome; storm; shipwrecked
14 At Iconium; Lystra; Derbe; ministry to converts 28 Ministry on Malta; at Rome; ministry there
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