Lessons from the Journey to Canaan

The woman's story draws on past and future

   In Revelation 12, we see the woman as God's church. What happens to her in symbols, would happen to the His faithful minority. re12.
   One method of interpretation is by looking for allegory in the various stories. This sounds good, but as it has been practiced, meanings have been assigned independent of the meanings implied or stated in the context. The book of Revelation is mainly symbolic, so we expect the stories in John's visions to have special meaning. As we study the symbols we discover the Bible events or principles they were drawn from. This, with sincere prayer, helps us discover the meanings the Holy Spirit intended, 0105a.
   We must also be ready to practice what we learn if we expect the Spirit to help us understand, 0103.
   A primary motivation for working out the table which follows is the story of the church as it is seen in the symbols of Revelation 12. Rather than starting with that chapter, we will list significant events in the story of the journey of the Children of Israel. Chapter 12 uses the "wilderness" motif but develops symbols from other situations, too, so we do not have a complete outline of chapter 12 here. Also, variations could be made for the "Christian life" column because an event of the journey may offer more than one lesson.

The illustration is of Moses striking the rock (the artist may not have read the story witch gives us the impression that he gave it a hard blow).
Parallels From the Journey to Canaan
Journey to Canaan
Church History / Revelation 12
The Christian Life
Slavery, Ex. 1 - Slavery to sin without Christ
Killing the lamb (or goat), Ex. 12 Calvary / Authority of Christ, accuser come down, v10 Solution for the sin problem
Sprinkling the blood on the doorposts - Choosing life through Christ
Eating the lamb - Claiming strength from Christ
Removing leavening from house, Ex. 12:15 ex1215. - Removing sin and temptation
Leaving Egypt  Rom. 6:18 ro0618 Choosing a new lifestyle
Crossing Red Sea Escaping false religion and persecution / Fleeing to wilderness, v.14a Baptism, 1 Cor. 10:1, 2
Manna provided, Ex. 16 Woman fed (spiritually) in wilderness, v14b Bible study, Ps. 119:103, 105,
Water by striking the rock, Ex. 17 - Water of life, John 4:10; 19:34.
Jethro advises organization, Ex. 18 - Church membership
Sinai, commandments, Ex. 19, 20 - Clarification of life principles
Gold calf worshipped, Ex. 32 ex32. - Obedience impossible in own strength, John 15:5.
Sanctuary system established, Ex. 25:8 ex2508. - Process of salvation how to relate to Messiah clarified
Rejection of witness of 2 faithful spies; Only 2nd generation could go on to Canaan, Num. 13, 14 nu13. Protestant Reformation / Earth rescued woman from dragon's flood, v. 15, 16 -
Heathen worship & prostitution, near Canaan Reform stalled; Paganism retained / Dragon goes to remnant of seed. v17a Failure to follow whole word, Matt. 4:4.
Jordan crossed by remnant of heathen-worship apostasy Dragon makes war with remnant of seed who keep commandments and have testimony of Jesus, v17b Shaking; time of Jacob's trouble
Arrival in Canaan - Taken to heaven, John 14:1-3.
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