2nd Corinthians
Understanding the book
It is very forceful. >Paul writes "as a fool" 1123. He boasts often to  the church at Corinth because he wanted them to turn from false teachers 1116. They would have identified him and his teaching as a standard of Christianity.
His letters seem to be more pastoral than for establishing doctrine. >He is dealing with specific problems. The people were being taught that they were spirit and flesh and that since the spirit was immortal, what they did in the flesh didn't matter 0510. Their behavior is seen in 1co05 and 6.
 Suffering; Paul's defense of  his sincerity
 Forgiveness and victory
 Being an epistle, spirit or letter of the law
 Mission, determination and courage
 Absent from the body; going to heaven
 True ministry; holiness
 Repentance; Titus
 Giving; Christ as our pattern
 Ministry of believers; cheerful giving
 Spiritual warfare; Paul's authority
 False disciples; boasting in suffering
 Paul's thorn, apostleship, and love
 Authority, gentleness and benediction
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