Three Epistles of John

This commentary holds that the disciple of Jesus is author of the gospel account, of the book of Revelation and of these epistles.

1st John

Walking in the light, the word of life
Sin and the commandments; keep the faith
Love as children of God; righteousness
Testing the spirits
Assurance through faith in Christ & Final remarks

2nd John
To a lady chosen by God

3rd John
To a church leader
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About the epistles
    There is little doubt that the "John" who wrote these epistles (letters) is the one who wrote the Gospel bearing his name. Note similarities:

"That your joy may be full, 1:4. Compare jn1624.
"We have an advocate" 2:1; Compare jn1416.
"We know him if we keep his commandments" 2:3; Compare jn1415.
"New commandment" 2:8; Compare jn1334.
"The true light now shineth" 2:8; The true Light, which lighteth" jn0109.
"Knoweth not whither he goeth" 2:11; Compare jn1235.
"The same anointing teacheth you of all things" 2:27; Compare jn1426.
"Love one another" 3:11; Compare jn1512
"We have passed from life to death" 3:14; Compare jn0524.
"This life is in his Son" 5:11; Compare jn0104.