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 1 Genealogy and birth of Jesus 15 Defilement; Crumbs claimed; feeding many
 2 Eastern wise men; Jesus escapes massacre 16 A sign; Peter and the keys; suffering ahead
 3 John the Baptist; Jesus' baptism 17 Transfiguration; demon in boy; fish provides taxes
 4 Jesus' temptation and early ministry 18 Greatness; lost sheep; sin of brother; unforgiveness
 5 Sermon on the mount, unusual blessings 19 Divorce, children, wealth
 6 Humility; prayer Jesus taught; money; worry 20 Same pay for all; Jesus death coming
 7 False prophets; two houses 21 Entry into Jerusalem; temple cleansed; parables
 8 Jesus heals; nature obeys; 2 demon possessed 22 Wedding for the king's son
 9 Fasting; hem of His garment; raising girl to life 23 A heart appeal to the people; Woes
10 Sending out the twelve; persecution; body&soul 24 Jesus tells about future events
11 Assurance for John the B, rest for the weary 25 25aVirgins at wedding, 25b Talents; sheep & goats
12 Lord of Sabbath; fasting; sin against Spirit; family 26 Anointing; Lord's supper; Gethsemane; trials, Judas.
13 Parables of sower; tares; leaven; pearl; net 27 The Crucifixion
14 John the Baptist beheaded; walking on water 28 Resurrection and the gospel commission
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The merchantman. "when he had found one pearl of great price
went and sold all that he had, and bought it." Matt. 13:45.