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   I admire the courage and confidence of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and always receive them with kindness when they come to my door. They are difficult to reach, however, because they are taught that no one but them has truth and that they should not receive any literature or discussion with an unbeliever. When they offer me a tract, I say thank you and that I would also like to share one with them also. They usually say no and leave very quickly.
   To have a conversation may give an opportunity especially with your personal prayer ahead of time or silent prayer when they come to your door. I have had some good contacts but no visible success. This does not mean others will fail.
   In recent years they have accepted the KJV Bible in addition to their own version.
   In two passages, they have a problem in denying the deity of Christ. First, see John 1:1-4. Here are some passages that confirm Jesus’ preexistence. See Heb. 13:8 and John 17:5.
   Also see the witness of Thomas: John 20:26-29. He recognized the divinity of Christ as God. The JWs explain that he was “a god” but this is not in the Greek and out of character with Jesus’ witness.
   At this point your witness friend might give up. I would commend him or her for a good witness. We all need to witness for our faith and to respect those with different ideas. I would also urge a person contacted to spend time in personal prayer.
   By the way, the word “Jehovah” is equivalent to “Yahweh.” Both are perfectly good translations and there is no need to argue for one or the other. “Yahweh” is the preference of Bible scholars.

May the triune God be your strength and hope.

This is a response to a letter I received, tw.

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